Can you re-send the emails from the free DIY Skincare for Beginners mini-course?

Thanks for signing up for my free DIY Skincare for Beginners mini-course! This FAQ deals with questions about missing emails from that course.

If you’re still getting the course emails, but you believe one/some of the earlier messages were not sent: If you’re still receiving course emails, that means you’re still in the workflow that delivers them. The system cannot send you email 4 without sending email 3, meaning you were definitely sent all the earlier emails. So, if you think you’ve missed an email, I highly recommend sorting your emails by “unread” and seeing if it is there—it almost always is 😊 You can also try searching by the word “Project” as that is in the subject of all of the course project/formulation emails.

Sometimes people don’t recognize the course emails as being part of the course, so they think they haven’t received it. In this case, I can see that people have opened most of the course emails, but still think the course wasn’t sent to them. To help you identify emails that are part of the course, the course have “DIY Skincare for Beginners mini-course” written at the top of every single email.

If you’ve lost some of the emails from the free course: Unfortunately, I cannot manually resend individual emails that are part of the DIY Skin Cafe for Beginners e-course. If you absolutely cannot find a missing message in your inbox you can sign up for the free version of the course again here. This will reset your progress through the free course and begin a complete re-send of the entire ten-message course on the same timeline, so you will have to wait for each email to arrive over the course of about 6 weeks.

If you’d like to get the whole course immediate, please sign up for the extended, paid version. You’ll get instant, ad-free access to the entire course, and the paid course is far more comprehensive than the free one. You can learn more and compare the two here.

Happy making!

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