Can you re-send the emails from the DIY Skin Care for Beginners course?

Sadly no.

99.9999% of the time when people email me to say they didn’t get an email in the course, I can see in the back end that it was sent and delivered as scheduled. This is especially true if you think you’re missing one, but you’ve received other course emails since. So, if you think you’ve missed an email, I highly recommend sorting your emails by “unread” and seeing if it is there—it almost always is 😊 You can also try searching by the word “Project” as that is in the subject of all of the course project emails.

Sometimes people don’t recognize the course emails as being part of the course, so they think they haven’t received it. In this case, I can see that people have opened most of the course emails, but still think the course wasn’t sent to them. To help you identify projects that are part of the course, the course emails all have “Project #(1, 2, 3, etc.)” in the subject of the email and in the mail graphic in the email. My regular email newsletter is only sent on Fridays and has a bee emoji in the subject line.

If the missing project is not in your email: unfortunately, I still can’t resend emails that are part of the DIY Skin Cafe for Beginners e-course. They are part of an automated workflow that only sends to new subscribers, and once you have been sent that email series there is no way to trigger a re-send of one or all of the emails in the series. There is also no way to re-subscribe anybody to the DIY Skin Cafe for Beginners e-course once they opt-out. By opting-out you have told my email provider “I don’t want this!” and my provider does not let me override that so I cannot spam you. I do try to really clearly communicate both of these things in those emails because of this—I know accidents happen, but I genuinely cannot do anything about it if you delete or opt-out.

The only way to get the DIY Skin Cafe for Beginners again is to sign up for my email list again with a new/different email address. You’ll receive all the course emails over the course of about six weeks, and then you can unsubscribe. If you use Gmail, check out this article to learn a couple of different ways to tweak your address to fool my email provider without needing a totally different email address.

Happy making!

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