Can you share advice on how to make big batches of things?

Not really, simply because I almost never do. I share two new formulations a week—if I made a big batch of everything I’d be run out of my home by tubs of lotion and body butter in less than a year 😂

If you’re looking for information on how to scale a formulation up or down, I have two helpful posts (with partner videos) on that:

But when it comes to manufacturing, I never make anything in amounts that might be called “bulk”. If I’m making body butter, I rarely make more than 30–50g. My lotion batches tend to top out around 200g, though they’re usually smaller. Hand wash might go up to 500g. Bath bombs batches are typically around 800g, and my biggest batches of things are usually soap, around 1500g.

If you’re looking at equipment for making big batches, I really can’t help you—I specifically seek out equipment to help me make smaller batches! I want tiny mixers and super-precise scales so I can make a 20g batch, not a 20kg batch.

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