Do you have a formulation for X product and/or using X ingredient?

Maybe! As of early 2022 I’ve published nearly 1400 posts and over 450 videos, so there’s a decent chance I’ve done something similar to what you’re looking for or have worked with an ingredient you’re looking to learn more about.

For specific sorts of products

I highly recommend starting with a search. You can do so here. Please try different keywords (lotion instead of cream, etc.) if your first search doesn’t turn up what you’re looking for.

I’ve also categorized all the projects I’ve shared on Humblebee & Me. Use the “Formulations” drop-down in the main menu to navigate to big categories like “Body“, “Hair“, “Face“, “Makeup“, “Soap“, and more.  Those large categories also have sub-categories like “Facial Lotions & Creams“, “Hair Serums“, “Hand & Body Washes“, and many more. These sub-categories are listed in the main menu beneath their parent categories (on desktop devices).

For projects using specific ingredients

Look up the ingredient in the Humblebee & Me DIY Encyclopedia. At the bottom of each entry, you’ll find a list of the 20 most recent projects I’ve shared using that ingredient.

For even more options, scroll to the very bottom of any page on Humblebee & Me and look for the “Tags” list in the footer. Click on the ingredient in question to bring up every single project I’ve ever used that ingredient in.

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