Does this formulation contain X ingredient?

You can review the entire ingredient list for any formulation I’ve ever shared (that’s kind of the point, ha—I can’t share a formula if I don’t tell you what is in it!) in the blog post for that formulation. I recommend starting by reading that ingredient list to see if the ingredient you’re looking for (or looking to avoid) is listed.

Some of the ingredients I use are referred to by trade names; things like Liquid Germall™ Plus , Ritamulse SCG, Sepimax ZEN, and Lipomoist™ 2036. Those ingredients will have their own ingredient lists, also known as the INCI. To get that information, look them up in the Humblebee & Me DIY Encyclopedia or google the name of the ingredient and INCI, eg. “Sepimax ZEN INCI”.

Most ingredients that are part of broader ingredient categories (sulphates, parabens, glycols, alcohols, acids) will straight up have those words in the name of the ingredient (sodium coco sulphate, methylparaben, propylene glycol, etc.). It isn’t hard to see if those ingredients are in a formulation if you read the ingredient list and look up the INCI names.

That said, some of those broader category terms can be misleading—acids and alcohols in particular—so it is important to research your ingredients and know what they are and what they do in a formulation. If you are looking to avoid volatile alcohols like isopropyl alcohol in your products as you find it drying, there is no need to avoid cetyl alcohol or cetearyl alcohol as they are not volatile alcohols (they are fatty alcohols that are emollients—the opposite of drying to the skin!).

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