How can I learn from you?

Good question!

To start with; please know that I am just one person. I do all of the formulating, writing, photography, filming, editing, graphic design, and website maintenance—in addition to communications/customer service. I can only do so much, so I prioritize my efforts into work that will help as many people as possible—basically, public things (posts, videos, FAQs, etc.) over private things (private emails, messages, etc.).

The vast majority of the teaching I do is self-serve, meaning it’s up to you to read through the articles, watch the videos, and refer to the relevant FAQ posts and Humblebee & Me DIY Encyclopedia entries. I work really hard to fill Humblebee & Me with freely accessible resources so you can do your own research and teach yourself. You are more than welcome to put any follow-up questions in comments, but I’m not always great at getting back to those as it’s just me doing everything. I try my best, though.

The only course I offer as of 2023 is my free DIY Skin Care for Beginners e-course; you can sign up for that here. If you’re on my mailing list, you’ve received the course. Please read this for more information on re-sending course emails. It is a free, self-guided, do-at-your-own-pace course.

If you would like personal, one-on-one help, I offer that to my $50USD/month Patrons in the form of a monthly 30-minute video call. You can learn more about that here.

If you’re looking for more in-depth, hands-on help than I can offer, I recommend taking a course from a company set up to offer support—a company with a sizeable staff to answer questions and offer hands-on help. I was very happy with the course I took from Formula Botanica; you can read my review here.

Happy making!

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