How much does this recipe make?

Simply add up the weights/volumes of all the ingredients to get a total. You can then divide that amount by the size of your container. For example, if a lip balm recipe contains a total of 30g of ingredients, that will make 30g of lip balm. Lip balm containers typically hold 4.5g of lip balm, so 30/4.5= 6.66, meaning you will fill just under 7 lip balm tubes with that recipe. That same 30g recipe would fill one 30g/1oz tin.

A lotion recipe that uses 100g of ingredients will amount to just under 125mL/half a cup of lotion.

You can also look at the size of the package I recommend; that’ll give you a pretty good idea.

For recipes are written in percents the final yield is entirely up to you.

For recipes written in parts the final yield is also entirely up to you.

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