I made one of your body butters and it’s really soft/oily/separated. What happened?

It sounds like you live somewhere far hotter than I do, and the body butter is melting to some degree. Please read this.

In order to remedy this, you’ll need to raise the melting point of your body butter. In order to do so, please read this. I also recommend familiarizing yourself with the melting points of the ingredients you’re using in the Humblebee & Me DIY Encyclopedia. If the melting point is lower than your ambient temperature, that ingredient will not offer any solidifying/thickening powers as it will be liquid where you live!

For body butters, you’ll want to start by increasing the butter and decreasing the liquid oil, but if you live somewhere very hot you may also need to replace some of the butter with a fatty thickener like stearic acid or even a wax like beeswax. Unfortunately, I’m really not able to offer much advice beyond this as I do not live somewhere very hot—the body butters I share are perfect for my climate, and adding wax or stearic acid would make them too hard.

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