I’d like to feature your recipes on my blog—can I? How should I?

Yes! I would love to be featured on your website, assuming your website is G-rated and focusses on DIY, natural/handmade skin care, or other related topics.

To feature a recipe, you are welcome to use a single photo from the relevant post (please leave the watermark), add some of your own teaser copy, and then link to Humblebee & Me for the recipe.

So, something like this is awesome:

How to Make Lemon Basil Soap

Lemon Basil Soap

Love basil? Have a hankering for Italian? This cold-processed soap recipe from Humblebee & Me features fresh, home-grown basil to create a fun layered pattern. It’s great for novice soap makers. Grab the recipe here!

It is 100% not ok to re-print a recipe, or list all of the ingredients and the required quantities. Basically, if somebody could look at your website and make the recipe without visiting mine, that’s not ok. Even with a credit link, this sort of feature leads to next to no click-through, so people never find Humblebee & Me. I’ve tried this with a large blog before and they sent me 2 visitors in a year+ period, despite the post being very popular on their website. It’s simply not worth it for me—at that point the recipe might as well be outright stolen 🙁

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