I’d like to feature your projects on my blog—can I? How should I?

Yes! I would love to be featured on your website, assuming your website is G-rated and focusses on DIY, natural/handmade skincare, or other related topics.

To feature a project, you are welcome to use a single photo from the relevant post (please leave the watermark), add some of your own teaser copy, and then link to Humblebee & Me for the full formula and/or video.

So, something like this is awesome:

How to Make Lemon Basil Soap

Lemon Basil Soap

Love basil? Have a hankering for Italian? This cold-processed soap recipe from Humblebee & Me features fresh, home-grown basil to create a fun layered pattern. It’s great for novice soap makers. Grab the recipe here!

It is 100% not ok to re-print a formulation, large portions of the post (short credited quotes are fine, but do not re-publish extended passages), or list all of the ingredients and the required quantities. Similarly, it is also never ok to download my videos off YouTube and re-upload them anywhere—Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, your website, etc.

Basically, if somebody could look at your website and make the project without visiting my website or YouTube channel, that’s not ok. The reason Humblebee & Me is free is that I am able to monetize visits to my website and YouTube channel; if people do not consume my content on my platforms, I do not earn any money.

Even with a credit link, features that remove the need to visit my platforms lead to next to no click-through, so people never find Humblebee & Me. I’ve tried this with a large blog before and they sent me 2 visitors in a year+ period, despite the post being very popular on their website. It’s simply not worth it for me—at that point, the formula might as well be outright stolen 😕

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