I’m having issues accessing Patreon.

Using Patreon is pretty straightforward 🙂 You need to create an account, and then join a tier for my Patreon. Depending on the tier you join, you’ll be able to see different pieces of exclusive content at https://patreon.com/marierayma when you are logged into your Patreon account.

If you are certain that:

  1. You are logged into your Patreon account at https://patreon.com/marierayma AND
  2. You have joined a tier of my Patreon with that Patreon account AND
  3. Your pledge payment has cleared

… and you are still having issues accessing my Patreon content through Patreon.com, you will need to reach out to Patreon/check out their “help” section.

I do not run Patreon or have any sort of “behind the scenes” access. Think of Patreon like Facebook or YouTube. We both use those platforms, but I cannot help you log into your Facebook or YouTube account if you are having issues.

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