I’ve tried signing up for your DIY Skin Care for Beginners course and it isn’t working.

If you’ve tried signing up for my DIY Skin Care for Beginners course and you aren’t getting course-specific emails (the welcome email should arrive within three hours—check your spam!), this is almost certainly because you are already on my mailing list and have already received the course.

The DIY Skin Care for Beginners course automatically goes out to all new subscribers to the Humblebee & Me mailing list. If you’ve been subscribed for a while you would’ve received the entire course back when you first signed up unless you opted out by clicking one of the opt-out links in the course emails. Attempting to sign up again with the same email address will not trigger a re-send of the course emails.

Here’s what I’d advise:

  1. Search your email account for the course emails. They will all be from “Humblebee & Me” and the subject lines for the individual projects all contain “Project #”, followed by the proper number (Project #1, Project #2, etc.)
  2. Sign up again with a different email address. If you use Gmail you can easily use your existing email address by modifying it with a “+”—click here to learn more.

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