How do I use your recipes that are written in parts?

Parts are basically the opposite of percents, and is based on ratios. You begin by deciding what you want “one part” to be—it can really be anything, just keep it consistent. I like to work in weight, but you can use volume as well if the components of the recipe are all liquids. Before you decide what you want “one part” to be, add up the number of “parts” in a recipe to see how many there are so you don’t accidentally make 2 kilos of lip balm.

So, say a recipe has 50 different “parts”. If you decide 1 part = 1g, you will end up with 50g total product. If the recipe calls for 5 parts beeswax, that’s 5g of beeswax. If it calls for 15 parts of olive oil (pomace) (USA / Canada), that’s 15g. Got it? Yay!

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