What can I use instead of silk?

The silk we use in our cosmetics is hydrolyzed silk protein, meaning it has been modified so it will dissolve in water. You can purchase a variety of particle sizes (amino acids, peptides, and powder), but anything you get really needs to be hydrolyzed if you are intending on using it in products where you need it to dissolve.

Silk is a very unique ingredient. It naturally manages moisture, attracting it to the skin when it’s dry out, and releasing it when it’s humid. Its make-up is very similar to that of our skin and hair, which helps it regenerate. Silk helps add bounce and shine to hair, along with a nice silky sheen.

You can try using another hydrolyzed protein as an alternative; hydrolyzed oat protein is a nice alternative.

In general, though, a recipe will never fail for its lack of silk (or any other hydrolyzed protein), so go ahead and make it 🙂

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