What should I consider when purchasing a scale?

Good question! Here’s some things to think about/look for:

  • Digital is best
  • Make sure your scale has a tare/zero function for easy weighing
  • Don’t buy anything that measures in increments larger than 1g/0.03oz (the more precise, the better!)
  • I have scales that measure down to 0.1g and 0.01g, and those are awesome for things like cosmetics/making two tubes of lip balm to test out a recipe. That level of precision isn’t totally necessary, but it sure is nice!
  • Where does the scale top out/what’s its maximum weight? My 0.01g scale tops out at 200g, which makes it useless for making larger batches of anything (remember, that maximum weight includes the weight of the container you’re weighing into), but fantastic for smaller projects. The scale I soap with tops out around 5kg/11lbs and is something like this.
  • How big is the scale, physically? If you’re soaping you’ll need a scale that can handle your soaping pot (the scales I’ve linked to below cannot).
  • If you plan on doing both big batches of things and teensy batches of things, you might want two scales. They’re pretty inexpensive on Amazon, so it’s an idea 😉 I have at least six at this point!

I’ve used these scales a lot over the years, and they’re pretty darn good inexpensive scales:

I’ve also got a couple scales that are a bit more expensive, but I have found them to last longer:

Wondering how to use a scale? I made a quick how-to video 🙂

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