What type of education do you have for DIY/formulating?

I hold two diplomas from Formula Botanica: their Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation (completed late 2018) and their Diploma in Organic Haircare Formulation (completed mid-2020). Even though I’d been formulating for years before taking these courses I still learned a lot from both of them, and I would enthusiastically recommend the Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation to anybody looking to jump start their formulation skills—especially if you’re hoping to start a business selling skincare!

I have learned much of what I know about formulating DIY skincare and cosmetics through years of doing, trial-and-error, obsessive experimentation, and extensive research. My university degree is in graphic design (a Bachelor of Design Honours from York University & Sheridan College, graduated summa cum laude). If you peruse the older posts on this blog you can definitely see how much I’ve learned over the years!

Here are some of my favourite resources for learning more:



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