What’s the colour blend to re-create this store bought lipstick/eye shadow/blush/etc?

I’m flattered you think I’m so good at colour blending that I can pull an accurate colour dupe out of thin air, but sadly I am not there yet 🙁 I do have a few tips to help you figure it out for yourself, though:

  • For any sort of a proper purple you will need carmine; red iron oxide is much too muddy
  • Most classic reds need carmine as well; red iron oxide is too muddy and brown to make a classic red
  • If you want a berry tone, try incorporating the blue-toned red iron oxide or blue ultramarine
  • Don’t discount the awesomeness of titanium dioxide (white) in a blend
  • You’ll need oxides and other pure pigments to get strong, lipstick worthy colour blends; micas are much weaker and don’t pack nearly the same colour punch
  • There’s both a dark brown and a light brown oxide; choose accordingly based on your needs
  • For super bright corals you’ll need carmine and titanium dioxide as well as yellow iron oxide. For even brighter corals, you might consider looking at a yellow FD&C dye.
  • Take notes for all your colour blends so you can recreate them, and label both the formula notes and the final product!

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