What’s the “description box” on YouTube?

YouTube is all about videos, but it’s impossible to put everything I want you to know about a formulation in a video! That’s where the description box comes in, and it’s something you’ll hear me mention a lot in my videos because there are always helpful links any other good information in the description box for my videos.

When you’re on YouTube, there’s a “SHOW MORE” link below each video, as seen below:

Click that link to expand out the full description box where you’ll find lots of helpful information and links. Out of all the links, the most important one is the one to the partner blog post for the formulation. The partner blog post will include the full written formulation, links to places to purchase all the ingredients, a list of formulation-specific substitutions, and a full written blog post which usually delves into more detail about ingredient choices and the formulation itself than the video tutorial is able to. Please make sure you’re always reading the blog post as well as watching the video—especially if you have questions!

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