Where can I learn more about lotion formulation?

I’ve shared a ton of content about making lotion over the years, so I thought I’d collect the links into an FAQ for easy reference.

If you’ve never made lotion before, start with one of these formulations:

highly recommend looking up the ingredients (especially the emulsifying waxes!) in the Humblebee & Me DIY Encyclopedia.

I’ve also shared a comprehensive series of posts on lotion formulation. These posts all work off this formulation as the base formulation, but any of the four starter formulations linked above will work. If you’ve made one of the simple lotions linked above and now want to add scent, make it thicker, make it thinner, etc., these posts will guide you through all of that:

These resources will help you start to adjust pre-existing formulations and create your own:

If you are looking for one-on-one instruction, please consider becoming a top-tier patron over on my Patreon. My $50USD/month patrons get a monthly 30-minute video consult with me where we can discuss all things formulating 😊


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