Where did my comment go?

If you submitted a perfectly lovely comment (basically, one that wasn’t blatant spam or full of hate speech) and it vanished from the website within a day or two of submitting it, this is 100% due to some sort of behind the scenes website issue and my efforts to fix it.

Sometimes I’ll update something on the website (a theme or plug-in) and it’ll cause the entire website to blow up. Trust me, this does not make for a good day for me!

In the case of horrible website explosions, one of the tools in my un-exploding toolbelt is rolling back to an older version of the website. I keep daily backups of my website, and in the case of website breakage, I will usually roll back to the previous day’s back up to see if that fixes it. Unfortunately, that means any comments left since the backup was made will vanish (along with any posts I’ve written, comment replies I’ve left, updates I’ve made, etc.). I’m really sorry if this happens to you—it is absolutely not personal. Please re-submit your comment as best you can remember it and I will approve it and we can both shake our fists at website explosions.


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