I’ve been asking all the men I work with what, out of all the things I concoct, would make good Father’s Day gift ideas. Here’s what they thought!


A Luxurious Home Shaving Kit

A few bars of shaving soap, a nice shaving brush, and some after shave and you’re good!


Homemade Deodorant

You probably won’t want to use a pink-capped container, but you can make your dad some pretty awesome deodorant for all his manly under-arm needs. I recommend essential oils of cedarwood, vetiver, or a bergapetene-free bergamot for the scent (or whatever dad’s favourite is).


Lotion & Body Butter Set

If you live somewhere as dry as I do, your dad will need help in the skin moisture department as well. Whip up man-friendly scented (or unscented) lotion and body butter to give him a hand.


Beer All-Purpose Soap

Make your pop some all purpose beer soap—it’s the ultimate dad gift! He can shave with it, soap with it, and shampoo with it. Definitely pair it with a 6-pack to beef it out.


Foot Scrub

I was rather surprised by this suggestion from Dave #2 at work, but he insists that he has rather gnarly feet that need some attention. He’s a dad, so who am I to say anything? You can go with a foot scrub or a foot mask, and pair it with one of those viscous looking microplane zesters for feet (heck, it might even be useful in woodworking or something later on, those things are tough looking!).


Tiger Balm

This is pretty much an awesome gift for anybody who likes to do things… or, to be more precise, start doing things again after not doing them for a long time. There’s a hot and cool version, and both are awesome!