This simple clay based face mask is delightfully simple and effective. Inspired by my love of French green clay (USA / Canada), it does a fantastic job of clearing out the pores, soothing the skin, and encouraging healing.

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The base of the mask is French green clay (USA / Canada), my all-time favourite clay. It’s neither mild nor strong, and always leaves my pores clean and my complexion tighter and brighter. It increases circulation wonderfully, and I always notice an improvement in my skin the following morning.

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I’ve added two classic French essential oils to the clay—lavender and rosemary. Lavender is calming, and both are potent antibacterial and antiviral essential oils. Together they help cleanse the skin.

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Last but not least, I’ve hydrated the mask with some witch hazel, a classic astringent, to boost the cleansing properties of the mask. If you don’t have it feel free to use water instead. The final mask, with just a few simple ingredients, leaves your skin invigorated, refreshed, and just a touch more French.

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French Face Mask

2 tbsp witch hazel
~4 tbsp French green clay (USA / Canada), as needed
8 drops lavender essential oil
3 drops rosemary essential oil

Measure the witch hazel out into a small dish. Using a small whisk, blend in the clay about a teaspoon at a time until you have a thick, creamy paste. Whisk in the essential oils.

To use, spread a thick layer of the clay mixture across your face (I definitely recommend pulling your hair back quite tightly for this). Let it dry for around 20 minutes before rinsing it off. I find soaking a washcloth in warm water and holding it to your face for a few moments help re-hydrate the mask enough to start wiping it off.

Follow up with some argan oil and enjoy your refreshed, tightened skin!