A few months ago Meredith sent me a link to this product, accompanied by a hearty digital laugh. And a well deserved laugh it was. I’ve talked before about the astonishing markup that Josie Maran sells their argan oil (USA / Canada) at—closer to $1/mL than the $0.12/mL New Directions Aromatics sells it for. If that’s ridiculous, you’ll understand why their new “Argan Milk” is flat out hilarious. It’s mostly water with a hint of argan oil (USA / Canada), and it sells for close to $2/mL. They are literally charging you twice the price for watered down argan oil (USA / Canada). Wow… just… wow…


As I’m sure you can surmise, today we are making our very own argan milk, and it is not going to cost $2/mL (closer to $0.02/mL, in fact). I also really amped it up, taking the opportunity of adding water to introduce some awesome water soluble ingredients. My first change was to swap the water for aloe vera juice, which is a fantastic skin soother and healing agent.


After that I added some silk peptides, which are a natural protein with a composition very similar to that of our skin. That means they help boost healing and manage moisture depending on the conditions—brilliant, eh? They also add a hint of a silky sheen to the skin that translates to a wee silky glow here.


I emulsified the mixture with an all-natural blend of guar gum and Turkey Red Oil. Guar gum is a natural emulsifier and thickener. I used a bit extra here to help give the milk a bit of body so it’s more like whole milk than skim milk. Turkey Red Oil is castor oil (USA / Canada) that’s been treated with sulfuric acid, which magically makes it automatically emulsify with water, and it’ll bring other oils along for the ride—in this case, argan oil (USA / Canada).


Last but not least I’ve added a solitary drop of chamomile essential oil. This is optional, and you can feel free to swap it for a drop of something that works better for your skin if you want. Lavender, helichrysum, carrot seed, and tea tree are all good choices, depending on your skin type.


The final product is lightweight and moisturizing—fantastic for hot, humid days where you just need a touch of moisture. If you find you need something with a bit more of a kick, you can trade a gram or two of the aloe vera juice for an extra gram or two of argan oil (USA / Canada). If you encounter emulsion troubles, add another drop or two of Turkey Red Oil and you should be good to go.


Gentle Argan Silk Milk

11g | 0.38oz aloe vera juice
1/32 tsp guar gum
1/64 tsp silk peptides
10 drops Turkey Red Oil

3g | 0.1oz argan oil (USA / Canada)
1 drop chamomile essential oil (optional)

Broad spectrum preservative of choice (why?)

15mL | 0.5 fl oz glass bottle with a dropper top

Whisk the aloe vera juice, guar gum, silk peptides, and turkey red oil together, and then whisk in the argan oil (USA / Canada) and chamomile essential oil. Whisk in your preservative.

Decant into a 15mL (0.5 fl oz) bottle with a dropper top.

To use, spread a few drops across the face and enjoy!