A few weeks ago one of my yoga classmates gifted me a bag of rose powder. She’d heard about my DIY tendencies (addiction) and thought I could put it to good use. Exciting! This gentle face mask is the first of what will likely be many projects involving it.


The rose powder is from a local store called The Light Cellar, and as best I can figure, it’s just ground up rose petals. The powder isn’t water soluble, so it’s definitely still got lots of plant fiber in it. It’s a soft, light, pale pink powder that smells lightly of roses. Mountain Rose Herbs sells it, or you could make your own by grinding up dried rose petals.


I’ve started things off by blending a bit of raw honey into some water. I always recommend using local honey—checking out your local farmer’s market is a good place to start. I also love to pick up honey when I travel. The one pictured here is from a farmer’s market in Invermere, BC.


Once you’ve got the water bit all done up, all that’s left is to start whisking in the powders. The rose powder is more absorbent than you think it will be, and then the clay finishes things up. A touch of silk amps up the luxury factor, and a nip of cardamom adds a lovely hint of exotic spice.


The mask itself is quite gentle, with an almost oatmeally texture to it from all the rose fiber. It dries quite softly, and doesn’t leave the skin feeling tight and dry (after twenty minutes, at least—I can’t speak for substantially longer applications). It leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed—give it a try!


Gentle Rose & Clay Face Mask

½ tsp raw honey
3 ½  tsp water

1 tsp rose powder
2 tbsp white kaolin clay (USA / Canada)
1 nip ground cardamom
¼ tsp silk peptides

Whisk the honey and water together. Sprinkle in the powders a teaspoon or so at a time, whisking between additions.

Once you have a thick, smooth paste, spread it over your skin, let it dry for twenty minutes, and rinse off. Follow up with some argan oil.

This recipe makes enough for two thick face masks, so find a friend to share it with!