I tend to really plaster my face masks on, like I’m trying to lay tiles on my face or something. It seems to do the trick, so I continue to spread my clay concoctions on thickly (if more is better with Nutella, it must be true with masks as well, yes?). Anyhow, I thought I’d try something different. Well, it was an accident, but still. I ended up trying a thinner mask with more oil, and I liked what happened.


I say “ended up” because I was bound and determined to finish off a bottle of safflower oil that just had a wee bit left in it. It turned out that the “wee bit” was more than enough to make the mask too oily to pack on—it would just sort of peel/fall off when I’d take scoops of it to my skin. Instead, it had to be gently massaged into the skin, giving me a much thinner mask that was far less drying thanks to all the safflower oil (I used about a teaspoon compared to 5–10 drops for my usual masks).

I started with two newer clays—Multani Mitti (or Fuller’s Earth) and Zeolite Ultrafine. I used mostly Multani Mitti because I wanted to get a feel for it. It’s an ancient beauty ingredient, said to brighten the skin, fade scars, hydrate, and flush toxins. It’s a fluffy, yellow/brown clay, with a faint scent characteristic of clay.


I added essential oils of rose, frankincense, and cardamom. I wanted something exotic and spicy. Something reminiscent India (where the clay is from); of spice markets, brightly painted buildings, colorful saris, and hot weather. These three oils fit the bill nicely, giving me a final fragrance of warm spice with a hint of sweet roses. Lovely.

I also added half a teaspoon of raw honey from a summer farmers market. Mmm, honey. Not only is it antibacterial, but it helps keeps masks from being too tightening.


The safflower oil and enough water to form a paste finished things off, giving me a thick, creamy, yellow mask. I massaged small amounts into my skin and let it dry for about forty minutes (mostly because I got caught up in other things, though! 15–20 minutes would be fine). Directly after washing it off my face was smooth and wonderfully warm from increased circulation. I wouldn’t go as far as saying it felt moisturized (clay is very drying), but it was FAR less dry than my standard masks.

My face was still pleasantly warm even two hours later (after that I went to bed, so I can’t attest to what it was like past that).

Gentle Spiced Face Mask

2 tbsp Multani Mitti (Fuller’s Earth) clay
2 tsp Zeolite ultrafine clay
½ tsp raw honey
5 drops 10% dilution rose essential oil
2 drops frankincense essential oil
2 drops cardamom essential oil
1 tsp safflower oil (or any other mild carrier oil)

Mix everything together in a small container, adding just enough warm water to make a paste (work up to it slowly!)

Slowly massage the resulting paste into your face using a circular motion. Cover your face in it and let dry for about 20 minutes. Wipe off afterwards and moisturize with some argan oil (USA / Canada).