I can scarcely believe it, but Humblebee & Me turns two today! I’m not exactly sure how it has come to be two years already, but in that time I have published 445 entries (including this one), gathered over 3,700 comments, learned countless new things, and made a fantastic host of new friends with shared interests. I couldn’t be more thrilled about how things have gone since I popped up online (again) two years ago.


Anyhow, as I sit here sipping some tea (which was preceded by a few glasses by white wine, if we’re being honest), I thought I’d dig back into the archives and look at a few of my favourite/most monumental/most popular/etc. entries from the last two years.

5 Most Popular Overall
DIY Infinity Scarf
Anti-Frizz Hair Mist
Removing Sticky Labels
DIY Mineral Make-up
Heat Wave Peppermint Spray

My 5 Favourite
Airbrushing powder
Lip Stain
Hot Tiger Balm Massage Bar
Naked Lip Balm

My 5 Most Used
Awesome clay face mask
Hair Pins
Peppermint Cocoa Lip Balm
My Favourite Argan Oil Facial Serum

5 Most Pinned
DIY Infinity Scarf
DIY Mineral Make-up
Essential Oil Substitutions
Banish Ingrown Hairs
Eczema Salve

What are your favourite posts? Have you learned anything from me in the last two years? Have any requests? Thanks for reading, everyone!