I love clay face masks, and I’ve been having a lot of fun with herbs lately, so I thought it was high time to combine the two to create a mask that boosts circulation, clears out your pores, and helps speed up healing with a dose of anti-acne goodness.


The herbs I chose for this mask are calendula, arnica, and while willow bark. Calendula and arnica are known for their healing properties—great if you’ve got any stubborn zits hanging about. White willow bark is a natural source of salicylic acid, and is a natural anti-inflammatory, making it an anti-acne favourite.

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I added a wee bit of 200x concentrated aloe vera powder to the mask for some aloe benefit, but if you don’t have it, you can simply hydrate the mask with aloe vera juice instead of water.

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The final mask is nice and smooth, and leaves the skin bright and firm. My mom raved about it and took the rest of the mix home with her. It’s definitely worth a go!

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Healing Herbal Face Mask

1 tsp dried calendula flowers
1 tsp dried white willow bark
1 tsp dried arnica flowers

1 smidgen aloe vera 200x powder (or hydrate with aloe vera juice)
1 tbsp French green clay (USA / Canada)
1 tbsp bentonite or white kaolin clay (USA / Canada)
2 tsp zinc oxide

Blend the herbs together in a coffee grinder. Once they are mostly powdered, tap them through a fine sieve to remove any large pieces of botanical matter. Keep the powder, and discard the large bits.

Run the aloe vera powder, clays, and zinc oxide through the coffee grinder as well. Add the herbs and blend everything together to combine.

To use, combine a few teaspoons of the clay mixture with some warm water and spread across the skin. Let dry, rinse off, and apply some argan oil. You’ll notice your skin is much happier the following morning 🙂