I had so much fun developing these Highlighting Moon Drops, and I think you’re going to have a blast making them! They come together really quickly and easily, allowing you to create a rainbow of different colours in no time. I’ve kept the batch size small so you can make a dozen of ’em if you want without feeling wasteful, but I’ve provided the amounts in weight as well so you can scale the recipe up if you happen to concoct a colour blend you’re absolutely mad about and require in larger quantities.

How to Make Highlighting Moon Drops

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If you enjoy perusing the aisles of Sephora and Ulta, you’ll likely know the product that inspired this recipe. That product is basically the same—a shimmery liquid that can be used as highlighter, or blended with your foundation for a bit of a custom glow. My ingredient list, however, is much shorter. The original is mostly silicones for the liquidy bit, but I thought I’d use a light oil instead. I went with fractionated coconut oil for this writing, but I’ve also used raspberry seed oil, and that works brilliantly. Any other light oil should also work well—squalane, camellia seed, and jojoba would all be good choices.

In order to get that luxurious slip that silicones give, I’ve incorporated some silica microspheres. This magical powder also gives these moon drops a luxxy dry finish and thickens up the solution a bit so it isn’t too drooly. If you don’t have ’em I’d recommend using double the amount of sericite mica instead—it’ll have a similar-ish effect, but not quite the same. I honestly can’t recommend silica microspheres enough, so if you don’t have ’em, put them on your shopping list!

I make these in little 3g or 5g jars, which is great for easy one container measure-mix-voila, but isn’t an ideal storage solution. Honestly, I’m not sure what would be. The original comes in a dropper bottle, which is sort of ok, but makes for a lot of product loss and tends to require you to make quite a lot. I’m thinking one of those wand lip gloss tubes could be great, once you have a blend you love enough to make in quantities large enough to fill one. If you have a better solution, I’d love to hear about it!

To keep things easy I’ve designed this recipe to work with different coloured micas. You can definitely incorporate pure pigments like titanium dioxide, iron oxides, carmine, and ultramarines in addition to the micas just be sure to use WAY less as they are much more potent. These drops are supposed to be subtly highlighting, not accidental face paint 😉 You can also add glitter! I liked 3/32 tsp mica + 1/32 tsp glitter. Ooooh, pretty.

Anyhwho! The gist of this is 2 ingredient base + mica blend of your invention. I’ve supplied a few ideas to get you started, but I really want to encourage you to make up your own blends! I’ve found things in the skin-ish realm tend to work best (yellow/cream/beige/brown) seem to work better than ones that are overtly purple or green or something, but the sky is the limit! Have a blast and be sure to share your favourite colour blends in the comments!

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Highlighting Moon Drops

0.05g | 1/64 tsp silica microspheres
0.6g | 25 drops fractionated coconut oil (USA / Canada)

3/32–2/16 tsp (0.2g–0.35g) mica

Measure the silica and fractionated coconut oil into a 3g jar or 5g jar, and stir them together with a toothpick. Add the mica, and stir everything together until smooth. That’s it!

Here’s some colour blend ideas:

#1: Sunstruck

1/32 tsp bronze mica
1/32 tsp silver mica
1/32 tsp gold mica

#2: Champagne

1/16 tsp silver mica
1/32 tsp gold mica

#3: Moonrise

3/32 tsp silver mica
1/32 tsp marinda star mermaid glitter

#4: 24k

1/16 tsp gold mica
1/32 tsp gold glitter

#5: Kir Royale

5/64 tsp silver mica
1/64 tsp flash copper mica

#6: Rose Gold

1/32 tsp silver mica
1/32 tsp gold mica
1/32 tsp flash copper mica

#7: Intergalactic Mermaid

1/64 tsp reef blue (turquoise) mica
1/16 tsp silver mica
1/32 tsp marinda star mermaid glitter

#8: Chalice

3/32 tsp bronze mica

#9: Liquid Sunshine

5/64 tsp gold mica
1/64 tsp pink mica

#10: Vintage

1/16 tsp natural gold mica (it looks like the one I used has been discontinued, but this one looks like a good alternative)
1/32 tsp gold mica