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    So my friend has a coconut allergy (I think it’s only topical) and she can’t use coconut-based products. I was curious about soap, because I know using things like Ginger and Cinnamon EOs is fine in soap because the saponification seems to eliminate a lot of the skin irritating components. Does anyone have any experience with allergen oils being fine once in soap?


    Ok so this was a bit preemptive of a post because she just got back to me and says she has to use coconut oil free soap also


    I sub Babassu for coconut oil in products. I don’t have an allergy to coconut, but it makes me break out, so I don’t like it in lotions or other leave on products. Try Babassu.


    A fellow soaping friend of mine says that she has a client who orders soap from her and requests nut free soap. She said her general recipe for her is:

    20-30% lard/tallow/combo
    20% palm OR 30% olive
    15% shea butter
    10% cocoa butter
    10% rice bran oil
    5% castor oil

    But as for allergens and such after the soaping process, unfortunately no. My experience is only someone saying I’m allergic to such and such and make things without them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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