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    I have got supplies form many shops around Australia. If you want all the basics I

    recommend Aussie Soap Supplies. They are really good for the basics and they deliver in

    under 6 days! There is also Robin’s soap supplies, they sell bulk of all oils, butters,

    and waxes. They are based in Melbourne. For essential oils I strongly recommend Australian

    Wholesale oils. They sell everything wholesale and specialise in Essential oils. Another

    place is Auroma. They sell packaging, Oils and more! They are also based in Melbourne.

    For packaging I suggest eBay, amazon and even all of

    the shops I have suggested.

    Hope this helps people who want to find a trustworthy, and quality materials, (for not a bad price at all).

    Most of them have a store to visit, but might be hard depending on where you live.

    I do not suggest buying ingredients off eBay, as the quality isn’t great of almost

    everything and you have no Idea who you are buying from.


    Please share your suppliers! I found the link Icon did not work, so just listing the name is fine.


    Thanks for sharing! I think each country has their own section for suppliers and you’re the first one we’ve seen from Australia. Welcome to the forum!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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