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    Hey Bees! So, I just found out that the moderated discussion accompanying this Saturday’s book signing at Shelf Life Books is actually going to be me giving a talk/presentation; something I’ve never done before on Make it Up!

    So… if you were coming to see me talk about Make it Up, what would you want me to talk about? Especially if you had no idea who I am or what I do or that makeup can be DIY’ed!

    Any input is very appreciated!


    Talk about why you started making DIY cosmetics, why it’s worth it (ie. can customize ingredients and colours), how in the long run it can save money (especially if you’re like me and love having a ton of lipstick colours). It’s a hobby that is useful.

    I’m not sure what else. What do you mean by presentation? Just talking about yourself and the book, or will you be making something to show people? How long does it need to be?


    Thanks! They really haven’t given me any specifics :/ I have no idea how many people will be there, how long it should be, if I’ll have A/V or not… I just got the email about 4 hours ago and it’s on Saturday. Eeeeep. I’ve called for more details, but they haven’t called back yet.


    I think you should start from the beginning and talk about what lead to the book. Most people don’t give one thought to what they are putting on their bodies. It will get some of them thinking. You will sell books and will inspire many new diy-ers, no doubt!


    Oh! One idea too could be to bring samples of maybe a lotion and a few lipsticks, with applicators. A lot of people don’t believe that DIY can give professional results, and with applicators, everyone could try the same products, so it wouldn’t be expensive to have maybe 5 lipstick colours available and a lotion (choose one without too many special ingredients and without a strong smell for people who are sensitive to smells, even natural ones)


    I agree, talk about why you started to make your own and what you have learned about it. Maybe a little on how the cost factors out and definitely on the ability to customize your own blends and how easy it is:)


    I agree with the others here. Talk about your journey into DIY and how that led you to your blog and book. The idea Joyful had of having some samples of the stuff you make is a great idea, I think. Connie’s idea of the customization, cost, and ease of making are great too. Another thing is might be to talk about “pride of ownership”, so to speak. I know I always feel very proud and accomplished when I create something for myself or my family & friends and how it works better than stuff I’d buy at the store.

    I know whatever you end up talking about will be fantastic Marie! You’ve got such a bright, bubbly, funny personality and your passion for this topic is very obvious. You are obviously an inspiration to all of us here! Can’t wait to hear how this turns out! Keep us posted.


    I would also make sure you mention the beloved lip balm story. Seriously. I think it is what gets to most of us. When you are told you can create the same thing for less, including tinted lip balms…it’s an eye opener. It’s the first step for not just adults but young people too.

    The other thing I’d mention is how many people love things from Lush or Ulta, etc and how you can make your own version, customized and the price is better in the long run.

    I can actually attest to this. I finally went inside Ulta for the first time ever– 😲 the price tag on things! I about cried on the aromatherapy products. And to know people are paying this, willingly because they don’t know…wow.


    I’m late to the party! I just saw this. But maybe this might help for next time?

    One of the biggest things I think that need to be said these days is crunchy is not always better. Your post on the topic and LisaLise’s post and how she explained it are fantastic. Using “chemically” sounding ingredients are not scary and bad, only using products you can pronounce is just closing the door to things like lotions (seriously? When you use the INCI name for liquid Germall Plus I end up spitting every single time), something about how you used oil serums for such a long time then tried out the Winter Solstice Face Cream (I’ll never forget how you sang tot he heavens in that video! It was hilarious!).

    And another, developing a recipe. Maybe the steps and the how to to develop your own recipe. Looking at oils and their percentages can be kind of confusing at first glance.

    I know from giving talks often, they do get kind of boring if you always talk about the same things. Why did you begin this or that? What got you into this or that? You can only talk about them so many times before you actually find it kind of boring and don’t want to do them anymore but still go because you kind of have to.

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