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    Hi Bees,

    I’m wondering if anyone has seen or tried any of Cindy Joseph’s Boom! products? I want to make the three products (Boomstick Glo, Boomstick Color and Boomstick Glimmer) as I love the idea of using products in tubes.

    I have research to do, as these have a lot of bee products in them, but any recipes you can point me to?

    Boom! By Cindy Jospeh

    Thank you!



    Did you see the ingredients-lists? They sound pretty simple… Did you try anything yet?
    Im definitely curious!

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    I’m more of a recipe follower than a recipe creator, but I did make a moisturizing stick using beeswax, argan oil, and cocoa butter. I don’t care for the cocoa butter, so will use it for my feet instead. I need to get some of that capuacu butter that Marie recommends, methinks.

    Any thoughts about the others would be appreciated…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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