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    Hello!!! I’m very excited to be here and have wanted to share this, and hopefully find an answer, for days now. I have read several entries here, and it’s what helped me shape this recipe in the first place, so thank you!! I am new to this community. I have only been making my own products (lotions, soaps, etc) for the past few months, so mistakes were bound to happen. I started researching cleansing conditioners about a week ago, and found a couple recipes here. I tried to play around with percentages and ended up with a very watery 1st batch. Thank goodness I only made 100 grams! Haha. My 2nd batch I upped the E-wax and added some silk, but it turned a bright shade of pink..I will post the recipe below, but wanted to know if anything like this has happened to anyone here, if this reaction could be considered unsafe, and just why this might have happened..I would also like to add that the 1st batch is still a normal white. Also, if anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them!! I know some percentages are low. Some ingrients may not even be necessary..I’m still a baby DIYer haha! Here’s my recipe:
    Heated oil:
    6% BTMS 50
    3% cetyl alcohol
    3% behentrimonium chloride
    2% coconut oil
    1% argan oil
    1% castor oil

    Heated water:
    45% distilled water
    15% aloe vera juice
    3% stearamidopropyl dimethylmine
    2% silk peptides
    2% panthenol (powdered form said to be okay added to heated water phase, is this true?)

    Cool down:
    8% cocamidopropyl betaine
    3% honeyquat
    3% fragrance (listed below)
    2% vegekeratin
    1% hydrolyzed wheat protein
    0.5% liquid germall plus

    Approximate drops of each essential oil:
    Lavender, lemon, and cypress 8 drops, rosemary 5 drops

    Any help or information you might have would be awesome!! I’m so happy to be here!!


    I have no idea, but I would love to see a picture! (You have to upload on something like imugur and paste the link)



    It was much lighter after the first 24 hours, and has stayed this constant shade since. Pink isn’t my favorite color, but this sure is pretty to look at! Another thing is the scent, it smells mostly like straight up BTMS 50, which I find very odd. The 1st batch was scented the exact same way, and where I don’t love the combination of the essential oils, they weren’t completely awful together. I’m so confused, but the 3rd batch will definitely be fun..maybe it’ll turn purple next time! Haha

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    Wow! That’s pretty cool! I am not a chemist so I have no idea either what would make this turn pink. Maybe you can post on Chemist’s Corner and Perry can help you out. He is an actual cosmetic chemist. Or maybe the recipe under the chemistry section and have Totoro look at it. They seem to be chemically inclined.


    Ahh that is fantastic! Thank you!! I literally google searched this for hours with no answers to be found. I knew there had to be some site that would be able to help. The 3rd batch did not turn any crazy colors lol! I’m so glad I only made 100 grams of the pink stuff! 🙂 Thank you, ladies!! I shall post any info I get!!


    I can’t wait to see what a professional says! Keep us posted😀

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