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    Hey bees!

    So I made the cleansing balm a while back and it turned out quite sticky. Some commenters said when they tried to use bees wax instead on candelia it did this. so i purchases candelia wax and tried again and it is still quite hard to wash off. I like what it does for my skin and just wish it was easier to wash off.

    Here’s my latest recipes maybe you guys can help

    30g Ewax
    14g Coconut oil
    14g Mango butter
    14g Castor Oil
    8g Sea Buckthorn Oil
    10g Tiger Nut oil
    17g Hemp oil
    12g Candelia wax
    8gs Lecithin


    Strange. I’ve used the same recipe as a guide

    Cold Snap Cleansing Balm

    A few times with amazing results. But, I also shy away from hemp oil as I find it too heavy for my skin. It looks like you upped your candelilla wax by 4g, removed jojoba all together (20g) and replaced it with tiger and hemp (together at 27g).

    I’d suggest making 1/4 of the recipe, reducing the tiger and hemp oils by half, and also reducing the candelilla. See how it holds up the next day, and then take it from there.


    I’ve made the creamy clay cleansing balm and I don’t find it hard to wash off. You really have to massage it in for a few minutes, though, and sometimes add a bit more water to your fingertips. The recipe I used…

    10 g ewax
    10 g Babassu butter
    15 g castor oil
    20 g grapeseed oil
    4 g candelilla wax
    6 Tbsp kaolin clay

    Also made the one from her book, as follows

    15 g ewax
    8 g Babassu butter
    6 g Shea
    8 g castor oil
    14 g jojoba oil
    4 g candelilla wax
    20 drops Vitamin E

    This is very creamy and feels greasy while massaging into skin but rinses clean. Maybe your combo of oils is heavier than it needs to be, as Barb suggested? Plus, I haven’t put any lecithin in my balms, but I know that stuff is sticky. Maybe it’s contributing to the problem?? I’ve also found coconut oil hard to rinse from my face when I use it to take makeup off, so I’ve subbed Babassu butter for it. Maybe you can do something similar to change the consistency up a bit, and make it easier to rinse off.


    beeswax is very sticky, to start with.

    but when you use the brittle vegetable waxes (candelila and carnauba) you have to use around 20% LESS than the amount of beeswax. because the c-waxes have higher melting points, you need less of them than beeswax. also, anything with carnauba wax can take up to a week to reach its final hardness, so it something seems too soft at first, give it a week before reformulating.

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