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    Need some advice on how to clean my coffee grinder. Not a coffee drinker so I bought one just a few weeks ago to use for DIY stuff. Only used it a few times but sometimes it seems to be unhappy and instead of making its usual humming grinding noise it makes a car that turns over but just barely noise.

    I don’t know how to publish links in here so I’ll just tell you that I bought a Kitchen Aid model BCG11OB blade coffee grinder. It has a removable bowl (the part where you put your ingredients) and I thought that would make it easier to clean but now I’m not so sure. One issue I’m having is that with fine powders, like the ingredients in the coconut and clay cleanser, end up flying up into the lid and falling between the space between the lid and traveling under the bowl which I think is clogging it up. Not sure. I did find that putting a piece of wax paper over the bowl as it is grinding helps a bit but the paper can’t be too big or it inhibits the lid fitting properly so that the grinder will start.

    So far I’ve just used paper towels to clean it but now it seems some of the clay and dried coconut milk powder have kind of settled in and don’t brush/wipe off easily. Hopefully I’m making my self clear in my description. How do people clean their grinders? Any tips?


    Good morning!
    Coffee grinders do require some care whilst cleaning it especially if you use it for other things than just coffee.
    Grab maybe 1- 1.5tbsp of rice, toss it in, lid, grind till you get a fine powder. That will help to get a lot of the finer powder and help clean it out. I bought a short bristle paint brush to help in cleaning my makeup grinder.
    Don’t forget to remove the bowl and use a small brush to try to get rid of powders and what not.
    Another, Marie told us all a while ago to use a peice of cling film to make the fly space of cosmetics smaller and it also helps to prevent losing product too. She made a great video about it.
    Hopefully this helps a little!


    I second what Penny said. I blitz the rice, dump, blitz another bit of rice, dump again, then use a makeup brush to clean of rest of the powder out. I will also wash the lid with soap and water and let dry thoroughly before reusing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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