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    Barb, Neem? He is so behind the times! Haha! Can’t wait to hear what he brings you.

    Cyn, soooo laughing….weed? No. Oh….*goes back to watching the Gators…*


    New studies show cbd is great for chronic pain. No htc necessary. He was devastated. I laughed so hard. It was excellent. Vintage Avon makeup items


    CBD oil (not the over-the-counter stuff you buy online, the 6- or 8- to 1 ratio you can only get in a dispensary) has been fantastic for my son. He has Aspergers Syndrome and suffered with crippling anxiety. I took him on vacation to Colorado two years ago and we’ve never looked back.

    He’s gone from only being able to attend high school for a half-day, being unable to get a license because he panicked too much to get through a driver’s exam, and being unable to even sit through a job interview to driving, attending college 24 hours a week, and working 24 hours a week.

    There’s not enough THC to get him high or make him fail a drug screen, though it *did* make him eat…a lot. He gained about 20 pounds in 6 months, then leveled off.

    Wendy B. Alchemist

    I am SO loving all these posts. You girls GET ME!! My new tribe. WHO else in my real world would get so excited about oils, containers and the like! lol! I have this crazy collection of little empty sample, makeup, skincare, ANYTHING … containers and jars. My people who know me even save these things for me now! Oooh, just had a great idea … I could scour the thrift store for little teeny jars of Lord knows what that they might have in bags to sell and bring them home and wash and sterilize them and add them to my growing collection. Not hoarding … *collecting*!! Much like my yarn … 35 Rubbermaid totes full of yarn isn’t hoarding, is it??? I use it! I need it! I love it! Too many crafts, too little time. Thankfully my wonderful husband just shakes his head, stops at Rona and buys me more Rubbermaid totes! lol! I have one Rubbermaid tote FULL of little bottles of EO’s and FO’s! This is where an inventory list is extremely helpful. My little DIL, who also loves all this stuff, kindly sorted through them all one day and made me a beautiful inventory list. Makes life easier, and it’s so much fun to just read through it and love my stuff! haha!


    Wendy, 35 bins of yarn isn’t excessive! You NEED it! I get that totally. No one here is judging. We all are a bit “preoccupied” with crafting, not obsessed. Nope, no obsessive folks on this forum…. we are perfectly level-headed individuals who have a need for certain things. Our needs should be met, right?!?! We can’t help it if we keep needing MORE!


    Hoarding are for people who can’t walk in their homes. I got space. I have needs. I’m thinking I might hit the goodwill stores and the swapmeets. I’m loving this. The idea of finding unique bottles is just too cool.

    Misty, good to hear your son does well in CBD oil. When I found out about the essential oil version, I had to try it for my chronic rheumatoid arthritis. It helps. My fiance has bone on bone in his knee due to an old cycle accident. The oil made into a pain butter reduces his aches and pain. So I can only imagine what the regular CBD oil could do for me long term.


    I may need that recipe, Cyn. I have osteoarthritis in my knees. They really hurt on rainy days lately.

    Misty, so glad your son was helped by the CBD oil. I need to mention this to a friend of mine who’s son has Aspergers. I’ve read several articles on how the oil or some form of cannabis is really helping some who have special needs.

    And, I’m guessing CBD oil is different than hemp seed oil? Or is it the same?


    Different. Very different. The essential oil works through inhalation or through the skin. CBD oil that’s edible is by medical prescription only. Florida just signed the law into effect and I qualify in two formats. I’ve been debating trying so I can reduce my need for my low dose pain med twice daily.



    So, would you need a prescription or something authorizing you to buy this online? Two of the links you posted were in the U.K. Do they ask for any documentation or just ship it when you buy it?


    Cyn’s Pain Ease Butter

    • 1/2 oz (14 g) beeswax
    • 1/2 oz (14 g) palm kernel oil or kpangnan butter
    • 1/2 oz (14 g) kombo butter
    • 1/2 oz (14 g) jojoba wax
    • 1 oz (28 g) Trauma Oil
    • 1/2 oz (14 g) hemp seed oil
    • Two 2 oz (60 ml) jars with lids OR
    • Four 1 oz (30 ml) jars with lids

    10 drops CBD essential oil
    11 drops Spike lavender eo
    4 gm Menthol crystal
    8 drops Ginger eo
    8 drops Black pepper eo
    8 drops Peppermint eo
    8 drops Rosalina/ Tea tree eo

    Step 1: Melt the beeswax and jojoba wax together.
    Step 2: Add the palm kernel oil and kombo butter and remelt.
    Step 3: Take off the stove and add the Trauma Oil and hemp seed oil. As it cools, add in essential oils.
    Step 4: Stir, pour into your jars, and cover.


    They’ll ship. No prescription. Edens Garden and Hemp Traders I’ve bought from regularly.


    I need to write that down! Thanks Cyn! Also need to find your post on trauma oil and write it down too. I will probably have questions. Haha


    CBD oil is far more potent than hemp oil. Prescription strength (oral) CBD oil is very difficult to find. Most dispensaries serve a single purpose: recreational or pharmaceutical. The high CBD oil doesn’t make you high, so recreational dispensaries don’t carry it. The pharmaceutical dispensaries carry it, but you have to have to be a resident of Colorado with a medical marijuana card just to walk in the door. You have to find a shop that serves both recreational and medical clients. I only found one that fits the bill out of the 30 or so that I called when doing my research.

    I’m excited about Florida’s new law, and hope that a network is built fairly quickly. It’d be a lot easier to just drive to FL than it is to fly to CO. I’m assuming I’ll run into the same “pharmacy vs recreational dispensary” issue, but maybe in a few years we’ll have what we need. Do you know, Cyn, if the new Florida law will allow for manufacturing? Since high CBD oil can’t be transported across state lines, Florida must legalize manufacture of these products in order to provide them to the public. Otherwise, patients will be left with smoking/edibles as the only option, which is fine and dandy, but both will get you high and neither has the medical benefits of high concentrations of cannabidiol. High CBD oil has such a low concentration of THC that it doesn’t cause you to fail a drug screen.

    As for “hoarding”…Naaaah. I’m just a little “intense” about my hobby. Dang, even I can’t fool myself into believing that. I discovered this stuff about three months ago and fell headlong into the abyss. I absolutely refuse to add up how much I’ve spent building my collection. I truly don’t want to know. But it’s excellent. Between night shifts and chronic insomnia, sleep never comes easily. Mixing up a lotion is nice and relaxing, and helps slow my mind down enough to fall asleep.

    Can’t tell you how excited I am to have this forum! I’m learning so much, and it’s neat to have like-minded people just a post away. Most people aren’t that interested in my concoctions. 😛

    Cyn, that pain balm looks awesome. Sigh. Looks like I’m going to need to shop for ingredients again. I told myself I’d limit orders to two a month. But, I don’t have black pepper or ginger EOs, or Trauma oil, or a couple of those butters. Wonder how substitution-friendly it is.


    Okay. So we’re going to need an infused oil section. I can teach ow to make Trauma oil. I can refer you to some of my resources when I buy infused oils.

    As far as I know, there will be limited manufacturing. I am excited for one of the dispensaries will be in my county. I know my one doctor a willing to try this so we’ll see how it goes.

    You can easily substitute ther oils. Do you have spruce or cedarwood? Those work well. One butter I suggest keeping is the kombo. The limbic acid has shown in PubMed studies to relieve inflammation and pain.


    Thanks Cyn! I need to do some research what all this stuff is!

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