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    Hello! So, i’ ve tried a couple DIY deodorant recipes. The first was adapted from Marie’s recipes, so that i could use what few ingredients I had on hand while keeping the ratios.
    So it was 25gr virgin coconut oil,
    5gr baking soda
    3 gr cornstarch
    and 5 drops lavender eo.
    It was ok at first but after a while my armpits got itchy. I thought it was the reaction to baking soda a lot of people get, so i tried swiping them with diluted lemon juice before bedtime. It relieved me for a while but the itchiness and pain persisted. I also started getting an onion-y smell from my right armpit. I looked that up and the most probable reason for that smell was the starch fermentation by bacteria.

    For a while i used straight virgin coconut oil with some success, but then decided to make a new one without any baking soda nor starch. The oils part was be based on Marie’s rose&neroli vegan deodorant and Lisa’s from Lisalise i didnt add any powders to that, only a blend of EOs for some antimicrobial properties and to make it smell nice. I used tea tree, lavender, bergamot and jasmine.
    This time no itching/redness/pain, hurray! But still, when i stress and sweat, i can smell the onion under the right armpit!!
    Unfortunately i didnt jot down exactly what i did, or i’d have a clue as to what is wrong. Could it be the lavender? Stress hormones? Could the oil in which jasmine was diluted have gone rancid?
    Now that warmer days are coming i’m thinking of trying a new one, adding some clay and keeping the EOs count low (say tea tree+lavender)
    Any thoughts / experiences?
    Any suggestions?

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    Hmm. This is slightly off-topic, but another reader reported she tried swapping the baking soda in one of my deo recipes for diatomaceous earth, and with great results! Perhaps give that a go?


    Marie, will there be any baking soda free deodorant recipes coming down the road?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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