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    Hey all,

    So the youngest niece came by tonight, and was fascinated by Auntie’s make up collection (both store bought and DIY, especially the glittery eye things)

    I promised, if it was OK with her mom and dad OFC, that I’d show her and her older sister how to make some fun stuff and how to use it.

    I’m thinking lip glosses, maybe a little Xanthan Gum gel ‘water color’ as eye shadow that they could rub on with their fingers (6YO specifically requested eye stuff, and her dad said they’d ‘think about it’) I was thinking of using Marie’s gel eyeliner recipe from the book as inspiration. Maybe some ‘glitter goop’ AKA highlighting drops. IDK. It really all depends on what Mom & Dad say are ok.

    I know they make ‘kits’ in the stores but ugh, such gross ingredients! I almost got them for holiday gifts but I passed.

    I want it to be as stove free as possible, and let them mix and play.

    Any additional ideas?


    I can’t help with products to make (I’m a beginner on that myself), but I’ve done a lot of craft projects with kids in that age range.

    Making cosmetics is a precision craft … for most things, you need to measure very accurately, heat carefully and mix correctly. Cleanliness is critical, and some of the raw ingredients can be harmful if misused. [Not “toxic”, but”This smells good, I wonder what it tastes like.”]

    Some 6 year olds, and most but not all 11 year olds have the skills and patience needed to make simple cosmetics. [Or other recipes … my daughter started making pancakes from scratch at 9.] Others just don’t. You’ll have to gauge the abilities of your nieces to decide whether the projects will be hands on, “watch Auntie make”, or “I made this just for you.”

    If they’re watching you, give them small, safe jobs: put this bowl in the sink, fill the pan with an inch of water, hold the lip balm tube while I pour, etc. For many kids, this level of involvement is enough.

    If they’re helping, again give them work they can handle safely: stirring, weighing ingredients (into separate containers). Maybe the eldest can work a stick blender.

    Finally … have some stickers handy for them to decorate the containers after they make the product. And put their names on the labels!


    Hey Z,

    Good advice, though I’m not going to let them anywhere near open flames.
    I’ve actually started another course in cosmetics since I posted the OP, so I have a pretty good idea how to get this going.

    We’ll be making lip gloss with glitter and pigments, face gel that is safe on eyes with mica and glitter and nail polish.

    Everything will be a pre mixed (either made by me or bought) base and all the girls will have to do is add color/sparkle and stir in a little disposable cup with a craft stick. When they like the colors, I can help package things with the syringe or spatula.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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