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    I came across this primer and would love to be able to make it myself. Does anyone have insight as to ratios of the ingredients? Has anyone made something like this? Thanks!

    Smart Primer


    This basically just looks like lotion to me; the only primer-ish ingredients are the starch and silica, which will both help mattify your complexion. Silica can also be drying if over-used (which is likely why it’s so far down the ingredients list; I’d guess it’s used at 1-2%, if not less). The vitamin C is a nice notion, but would be hard to include in a stable and effective manner at home.

    I’m also quite concerned that this product appears to be completely unreserved despite containing tons of bug food, and I have no idea how they are emulsifying it as it contains no emulsifiers, just thickeners (the wax and Hydroxyethylcellulose).

    So, yeah… basically, this formula baffles me. Without trying it I have no way of knowing if it actually works as a primer, but there’s a couple red flags in terms of safety and stability from looking at the ingredients list. Hmm.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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