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    The soapers I’ve watched use them for their lye water. So cute!!

    Wendy B. Alchemist

    Ladies, never forget the treasures you might come across while thrift store shopping! I’ve found some AMAZING tools and molds and pots at Value Village! You never know what’s sitting on those shelves when you walk in. I’ve got some wonderful stick blenders there for next to nothing. I like to have a backup stick blender on hand because … well, can you imagine your stick blender crashing right in the middle of making a batch of soap!?? hahaha!


    Why do we not have this Value Village in the US? Why? I’m feeling denied. So denied! Awesome you managed some serious finds, Wendy. It isn’t easy at times.


    Twin, the closest one to you is in Texas. The closest one to me is in Arkansas. You can always check out a Goodwill store too. Similar concept, different name. There are some Salvation Army stores too, I think. Just check around in your area and see where all the thrift stores are located. Thrift store shopping is fun! You never know what you might find.

    Wendy, you are absolutely right about having a backup! I have one too because mine is just a $25 stick blender and that sucker gets hot when blending! So, I have a backup in case it decides to crap out on me. I really would like to invest in a more “professional” stickblender, but then I don’t make soap for a living so I wonder if the cost would be worth it. Oh well, what I have now works just fine and until it breaks, I’m stuck with it! Haha


    Psst, I got a new immersion blender online for $90. It’s not for soaping, but for food. It has attachments…so technically I could use it. 😁 So my fairly new blender is for soaping. Which I need to do soon.


    When I first started soaping (last year) I got most of my equipment from two places:

    – a liquidator store (Ocean State Job Lots)
    – the local independent hardware store

    The liquidator had spatulas and cheap measuring spoons. Their bowls seemed a bit pricey, but the hardware store in the same mall had good quality very inexpensive large and small bowls for cheap. They had other things I didn’t need, so they’re definitely worth checking out.

    I already owned a scale, and used my cooking stick blender. For a mold, I bought a Brambleberry starter kit with a mold and a few other things.

    – – – – –
    This is my first forum post … I just found Marie’s site a couple weeks ago and I’m devouring it! I can’t wait to start ordering things to make my first lotions, body wash, etc. Though I have to wait … I’m moving halfway across the country in a few months and *will not* buy more Maker stuff now. [She says 😉 ] So I’m busy making spreadsheets of what recipes I want to make, what ingredients to buy, where to buy them …


Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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