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    Im looking to find what will work for my skin.
    I have dry and sensitive skin, not sure which type though, and whether its in need of more tallow or more water. Or both. It tends to feel tight and around my mouth and chin i have red areas, dry patches and sometimes a bit of spots around hormonal times. When I was younger and used storebought stuff, i had redness all over my face after cleaning or a warm shower, or a mask etc. It could feel inflamed. I have astma, so it could be related. It can still get quite upset after cold (cold firm rain), warmth (shower/ sauna) or harsh (chemical) products. In summer it is happier than in winter. I mostly struggle with the red and dry patches, making my skin looking restless around my mouth.

    What im using now…
    Ive tossed the last ‘natural gentle cleaner’ about a year ago. Now i use a gentle clay cleaner like Marie’s creamy clay cleaner. I wash that off with my favourite cleanser: Mud Mouse. Sometimes I use the Gentle clay scrub, or a claymask. My skin seems happy with all of these (not too much scrub though).

    Im still wondering about a good moisturiser/ hydrator though. I used to use creams, more heavier ones in winter and lighter in summer. I started making them myself without preservative, but don’t like storing it in the fridge and worrying about spoilage. And since I havent found a good preservative in The Netherlands yet, I went back to store bought ones.

    Then I heard about serums. A friend of mine with similar skin is a big fan of the dupe of Clarin’s Santal serum i make for her (hazelnut/ sandalwood/ cardamom/ lavender). I also saw Marie into the serums and started using serums too. First argan, then argan/ primrose and now the hazelnut-one. Not totally happy though.

    Then I heard a friend with also similar skin who was advised to stop smearing altogether and to start spraying. I also read Marie’s skin had been missing cream and I thought it might have been a bad turn to ditch the creams. I read a bit more on it, like a blog from Body Unburned about te difference between moitsturation (when your skin needs more oil) and hydration (when your skin needs more water). And now I use quite a bit of a toner of witch hazel/ glycerin/ geranium combined with the serum. Stiiiill not totally happy though. In another blog about toners I read witch hazel was suited for oily skin, so I’ll also try other hydrasols instead. And Ill start cleaning at nights too and using more masks… Any advise here?

    Thanks all!


    How To Fix Dehydrated Skin

    The Importance of pH

    Barrier Repair The Key To Healthy Skin

    Here’s (a lot) of suggested reading for you that I myself found VERY enlightening and helpful. The info in these articles is all related to the importance of repairing and maintaining the barrier function of the skin, so no matter what particular skin complaint you have, with this knowledge, you will fix it. There is more out there on the subject, but these are the three that I found super informative.


    Thanks Colleen! I was thinking of the same article as you posted above from Simple Skincare Science. Lots of great information in there!

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