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    What are your Facecare Favorites? Your OMG you HAVE to try this items?


    Wash: Cold Snap Cleaning Balm but swapping out some of the Jojoba for Tigernut and Hemp oil or Honey with Cinnamon in it.

    Toner: Thyme Infused Witch Hazel or Straight Bee Propolis Tincture

    Moisturize: Sprintz Face with Marshmallow cold seeped tea and then rub on some Tigernut oil with lavender EO in it

    Scrub: Just adding sugar to to Cleansing Balm

    Mask: Green Clay with Charcoal


    Tigernut oil?! Do tell! Also, I’ve been looking at doing a thyme infused toner to fight acne—do you find it helps there?

    As for what I’m using—it’s all about the African Black soap and my Winter Solstice cream. I CANNOT believe how happy my skin is with those two things! SWOON.


    I want to make that Cold Snap Balm, but how “menthol-y” is it? I make a body lotion with 1% menthol in it for my cranky winter skin, and it’s pretty tingly. I was just curious how that would feel on your face. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to try it with the menthol….😱 I am making the Winter Solstice cream today. My skin is so dry this winter and that cream sounds divine!! I have been using the Creamy Cleansing Balm and Creamy Clay Cleanser from you book, Marie, and I love both of them! I’m making more today and giving to a couple of friends to try.😀


    – Argan/hemp/rosehip/mango lotion
    – Argan/EP face oil
    – French clay and charcoal mask
    – Cold Snap! Cleansing Balm (with or without menthol depending on how I feel that time around)
    – Honey + cinnamon/black pepper blackhead scrub (a bit tingly but I love it!)
    – I also love using the cocoa butter and coconut oil sugar scrub on my face, but it’s better if I grind the sugar up even smaller before I do it so that I don’t rub giant sugar pieces into my face
    – My brand new homemade liquid foundation!
    Spot fixer made of charcoal, zinc oxide, silk, allantoin, and alcohol. Put it on spots and the next morning they’re almost gone! Works with new and old sores from acne pretty well 🙂 Seriously, though, this stuff was a stab in the dark and now any pimples disappear almost overnight!!
    – Rose water face mist (+ silk) perfect for after my makeup or on a super extra dry day — or in place of lotion on a really humid day!

    My skin is the happiest it’s been in ages all thanks to this! I’ve even been able to stop using my prescription acne skin creams since I started this routine! Hooray for keeping the harsh retinol gels off my face (it made me peel like mad).


    Oh, please share your spot fixer recipe! I have all those ingredients now and could whip up a batch to try next time an ugly spot pops up. I, too, would love to stop buying Retin A and retinol products.


    Oh boy! haha I haven’t measured it out in a while because I use so little at a time (it lasts forever) but it’s super similar to Marie’s recipe. I’ll try to write it out below, but you can change things to suit you as you please:

    – 1/2 tsp zinc oxide
    – 1/16 tsp silk
    – 1/16 tsp allantoin
    – 1/16 tsp charcoal (or enough to color it dark grey)
    – Enough alcohol to soak the mixture through

    I don’t have a lid for my container so I’m always adding more alcohol to the bowl because it evaporates away after a day or so 😛 And it seems like a lot of silk and allantoin but I love the high concentration for my skin, and my skin loves it too! I didn’t have witch hazel or anything like that so I just did straight up 70% isopropyl or higher when I use it. I find the zinc oxide is the biggest helper here because it forms this wonderful barrier on the skin that is almost impossible to get off once it gets on (minus actually scrubbing it off with a cleanser) — it’s great for babies and sunscreen, so it’s great for my face! The zinc oxide barrier is wonderful because it prevents things from irritating already sensitive skin, and it keeps me from picking at anything I shouldn’t be (I’m a nervous habit person). In fact, on really sensitive skin days, I’ll make a french clay and zinc oxide face mask and wear it for as long as I can tolerate. It’s amazing!!

    Anyways, enough gushing about zinc oxide (I’ve done far too much research on the stuff). Hope this works for you!


    I’ve noticed that about the Blackhead Banishing Powder! I put it on, then wash it off when I shower. It is very hard to get it all off and I always seem to miss a spot or two! Haha!

    Thank you for the recipe! I’m going to try it😀


    Mine is pretty simple at the moment:

    – A “snap”esque wash, I switch up the oils I include. But I am with Marie here wanting to know more about this Tigernut Oil. At the moment I have the Cold Snap (made with no menthol, 10g orange wax and 10g jojoba) and the orange wax one but made with menthol. Belinda, I found one gram of menthol crystals in lotion wicked tingly. But one gram in these types of recipes isn’t so bad. You get a little tingle. If you are worried, why not try a half gram or a quarter gram, let it set up, and see how it feels. Then, if it’s not to bad, melt down and add some more.

    – An apple cider vinegar toner with some salt and pollens and some other yummies.

    – my lotion is made with in no particular order; moringa, camellia and evening primrose oil, aloe water, (extracts/powders) burdock, nettle, cucumber, honey powder, silk, allantoin, green tea ummm… maybe some other stuff? My next batch I’ll be taking out the camellia oil and using sea buckthorn (2g fruit and 8g seed), my skin is missing sea buckthorn oil.

    -eye serum combination of oils, mixed with aloe liquid mixed with some extracts and goodies, it’s quite lovely!

    Mask: usually clay based with some moringa powder included.


    So I found Tigernut oil when I went to the oil section of a grocery store near my friend. I find many of my favorite oils this way.

    Aragon Oil, and Rosehip Seed Oil actually break me out but Tigernut oil has knocked everything else out of the park for my finicky skin. Amazon link below for checking it out.


    African black soap does great on my body but my face is neutral towards it. No bad reactions but no crazy good ones etheir. I do like the time toner a lot. It helps with break outs a lot!

    I am dying to try the winter solstice cream but am just waiting for my next ingredient splurge. I think first Ill be buying the extra ingredients for the recipes in Make it Up. I have left over cosmetic base and eyeshadow base from your previous recipes and I am looking into seeing if I can just tweak them to match the new recipes.

    Penny you so have to give more detail on your eye serum. I have been playing with royal jelly and loving it under the eyes result wise but not enjoying the consistency. Im wondering if I can add it to a different recipe for better consistency.


    OK! I have to say it ladies…..y’all are killing me! So many new and different ideas and ingredients are spinning through my head reading all your posts. My husband’s going to kill me if I order any more stuff!!! We cleaned up the garage last weekend and I have EIGHT plastic bins filled just with empty containers! I’ve already had two deliveries this week where I ordered supplies (and containers, of course….I think I seriously may have a bit of a problem….). Y’all need to stop giving me new ideas!!! Haha! Seriously, though, I really love this forum! It’s so neat talking with others who share this passion.❤

    I, too, want to hear about this eye serum Penny.🙂


    Hello Zil and Belinda!

    1) Royal jelly- I’ve found using it in its pure form causes some issues unless you keep it in the fridge/or use the higher amount of your preservative but use your product Up quick. I’ve found it works best as a mask. But, if you are keen to use it, rejoice! Royal jelly powder! It’s great added to the liquid portion of your lotions and creams and eye serum. I use it a lot. If you feel crafty, cut out some fat “c” shapes from some absorbent paper like Bounty. Apply some jelly around the temple and eye area put the c over top and pat down. Take a nap!

    2) eye serum
    Aloe juice, extracts of burdock, nettle, cucumber, green tea, bamboo, powders of honey and royal jelly, silk
    Sea buckthorn, moringa, camellia, evening primrose, vitamin e, and some rosehip.
    Essential oils:
    Carrot, lavender, Geranium
    I use polysorbate20 to bring them together rather than turkey red as turkey red burns!

    I really love it! I gave about twenty dropper bottles out for Christmas with lots of positive feed back. A friend of mine is using it all over the face. It sinks in pretty quick, and I find with the nettle and burdock my under eyes look more awake as they help increase circulation. I’m currently playing with the ratios of extracts in my potions. But I’m learning I am very lazy when it comes to my skin and applying things. I’m in the middle of making my new face lotion and decided to add in all my extracts and powder and just use them over the whole face. I’m too lazy to open another bottle!


    Hey, I’m just jumping in 🙂 I’m all about that mattifying lotion, mines not sea buckthorn because I ran out 🙂 but it smells heavenly! I use a lovely cleanser from bodyunburdened.com with honey and jojoba and essential oils and my serums, rose gold or moringa. My skin is fabulous for the first time in my life and it smells purty to boot 😛 Wish I had switched ages ago.


    Jump right in SimplyShe! We are a chatty bunch around here! Welcome to the forum!😀


    Hello Simply! Talk to me about these serums of yours…. and hello! Welcome!


    Mini cooper I totally made your spot treatment today and it kicked some blackhead butt! A little hard to wash off but totally worth the results!

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