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    Zil, I’m so glad! I love using it to help some bad forehead spots heal up almost overnight! The charcoal is amazing because it attracts all the bad stuff right to it (which is why hospitals use it for poisoning cases, so don’t eat it!) and the zinc oxide helps protect the skin as it heals. I LoOoOoOoOvE it.


    Im jumping in too. I have dry and sensitive skin, it’s feeling tight and is spotting red easily. Still figuring out if my skin is yearning for tallow or water or both, so experimenting with this… My skin is still feeling a bit dry and flaky most days.

    I take my make-up off with Marie’s Lime in the coconut cleansing oil (with goatsmilkpowder instead of coconutpowder, since I don’t have that). Will go back to her Creamy clay cleaner, love that one.

    The oily residue I wash off with Marie’s Mud Mouse, my absolute favorite for the last year. (i add a few drops of EO grapefruit, looove the smell combined with the herbs). My face is much happier with this instead of the storebought ones.

    For moisture/ hydratation Im wondering, will post on that somewhere else. I used to use argan last year, and tried the argan/ primrose/ mhyrr the last months, but I think the primrose is too drying for me. I do love the Clarin’s Santal dupe of hazelnut/ sandal/ cardemom/ lavender that I made for a friend who has dry and sensitive skin too and is totally in love with it. I love the smell and feel and Im using this most these days.

    Last months Ive been combining this with the use of toner of witch hazel/ glycerin/ geranium. Im using as much as I can without getting too sticky. 😛 Im not sure the witchhazel is best for dry skin and will try other hydrosols. And need to find a preservative so I can go making creams again.

    I also want to get back to a skinroutine before going to bed, I usually only do this in the morning. That’s bad habbits, i think. And want to start using a claymask every week (never used to do this and now its not even every month).

    Advise is welcome 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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