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    The three beauty things I still buy are nail polish, waterproof mascara, and Lush’s line of henna-based hair dye ( I see that there is an array of henna-based blends for hair color at Mountain Rose Herbs, so it has me thinking about creating a dupe of the Lush bars. I love that it colors my grays a lighter/brighter/redder color, so it looks naturally highlighted. Their bars are solid and have things like cocoa butter and other stuff in them. But, they work fine for me. The only reason I’d make them is because well, then there’d only be two things I buy (and I might decide to go with the Make It Up mascara once I transition out of my current therapist job at the end of the month and maybe don’t need the waterproof so much).

    Has anyone mixed up their own henna based hair color? Or have you used Lush’s stuff?


    I’ve had my eye on those LUSH henna pucks for a while, and I’ve even bought some henna, I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I will admit I’m a bit gun-shy on any sort of semi-permanent hair dye, which might contribute to my hesitation. I’ve noticed they blend the henna with indigo to get a browner look, which I love, but geeeeeez is indigo expensive here in Canada! I couple tablespoons is more than $10 so I’m hesitant to throw a bunch of it into anything and have it fail :/

    And I will totally admit that one of my guilty pleasures is still shop-bought mascara 😛 It’s just so darn fun! I’m planning on picking up a tube that Wayne Goss from YouTube recommends when I’m in the UK—it’s Boots’ store brand, so we can’t get it in Canada. I’ll call it “research” 😀

    Speaking of nail polish… it’s not something I’ve historically worn, but I guess I sort of like the idea now, so I bought a couple starter bottles today. I know TKB Trading sells the stuff to make nail polish, but it does not appear to be able to cross the border via mail 🙁 I shall have to figure something out if I decide I like it!


    Ive been dying to try the recipe on this post but I have to wait for all my regular dyed highlights to grow out.


    I’m not sure if it is the shiny factor, but nail polish is crazy distracting. I’ve a friend who is a hand taller and every time she wears nail polish I can’t help but probably look like a cat with a laser pointer. And when I wear nail polish, I swear I see multi coloured bugs running across my key board or hitting the board in the classroom.

    So Wayne Goss mascara. Is there a specific name?

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