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    In April of last year we moved from a house with a water softener to one without. The water in the new neighborhood is much harder and my tresses are taking a beating! I’m wondering if any of you have cooked up an especially good hair mask recipe? Mine feels very dry and brittle and is super frizzy which is not something I have struggled with in the past. Any suggestions?


    If you use shampoo a coconut oil mask can be great. Apply coconut oil on hair, leave as long as you cant stand. Warm with the Hair dryer and wash out. You can also do the same thing but with Marie’s super nourishing hair balm and just use enough to make you look greasey throughout.

    If you are like me and are completely no poo then your options are more limited. Good options include – An Egg Mask, Marshmallow root tea left in, Aloe.

    Also I recommend a filtered shower head.


    My in-laws have hard water, so when we visit I use bottled water to rinse my hair. That does seem to help, but that might be an expensive, long-term solution. I would invest in a shower head filtration system, which sounds expensive, but average price online was $40-$70. I have not made any deep treatments for my hair because I got a free tub of Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Hair Masque a while back, and I’ve been using that with heat to deep condition and moisturize my hair. It works fantastic! The texture is like creamed coconut oil and Shea butter, very thick! I only use a small scoop of it, so that’s why it’s lasted me about two years. I’ve been wanting to make a dupe of it since I’m down to the last bit of it…..ahem….Marie??? I was also thinking Marie’s recipe for the Marula Overnight Hair Mask would be a good one to make. I wouldn’t leave it in overnight, though. I’d probably do 20-30 minutes under heat instead.


    Belinda, you read my mind. We’ve horrible water here and when I finally bought the shower filters (one for the waterfall and the other for the hand held) I noticed a big difference in my skin and hair. They are very easy once installed to change the filter.

    And, the marula over night hair mask is awesome! I try to use it once a week especially on my ends as I’ve fine hair that dries out fast especially in the winter.

    As well, a boar bristle brush will work wonders at smoothing the hair!


    Penny, I have fine, curly hair and it tends to dry out on the ends too. In winter, it seems to dry out everywhere, scalp included! I’ve tried sealing my ends with argan oil after I put on a leave-in conditioner to keep moisture in my hair, but I didn’t really notice a difference so I quit doing it. Argan with a few drops of sea buckthorn oil really keeps my scalp happy in winter, I’ve found. Just a few drops on my fingertips and massage it into my scalp.

    Now I will definitely make the marula mask! Curly girls are all about the moisture! I bought a boar hair brush back when I was straightening my hair, but I don’t brush my hair anymore since starting the Curly girl method.


    If you’re using shampoo or soap at all, I would recommend trying a conditioner-only (CO) wash for a while. The emulsification part of the conditioner lets the oil part grab dirt and oil and then wash out of the hair. Obviously, if your hair is super grimy from *insert muddy outdoors activity here* then use soap or shampoo. I used to perm my hair and it got so dry and damaged that the CO method was the only thing that worked for me for a while.

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