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    Without giving away trade secrets for my soap business, I want to share how much I love hot process soaping with you all.

    Why I love hot process soaping:
    1. You can control the amount and type of superfat is present in your soap
    – This means you can use less expensive oils to make the soap bar hard, and add rich oils at the end for the superfat!
    2. Colors and fragrances added are not altered by the saponification process
    – No more wondering how it turns out when you cut it!
    3. You can unmold and use a lot faster than cold process
    – Self explanatory
    4. You can have shiny, transparent soap OR use a stick blender and have a matte, opaque soap
    5. With proper temp monitoring and control, you can still add goodies like milk or whey without caramelizing the proteins and sugars


    I’ve always wanted to try this method. There’s a woman who does HP soap and it turns out just as beautiful as CP soap. She does swirls and all kinds of designs with it due to how fluid she can make it with her method.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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