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    One of France’s biggest cosmeceutical companies has recently released this so called face booster containing the well known mineral water that springs in the company’s namesake region. If you haven’t yet figured out what i’m talking about, here it is

    Here’s the ingredient list

    So, it’s basically 89% miraculous mineral thermal water (sic) and the rest 11% consists of humectants, emmolients, consistency agents, preservative and of course hyaluronic acid.
    I’ve seen people swear by it and use it religiously under their daily face cream and i’m like c’mon people it’s basically a water solution of hyaluronic acid! Note that in the US it sells for $29.5 for 50 ml while their 150g mineralizing thermal water sells for $14. I wouldn’t spend 30 bucks on a wrinkle cream, let alone on something that needs to be used with more products.

    Which begs the question: is there a reason not to try and recreate it? Supposedly, the special rich in minerals water is good for your skin and protects it from pollution and stress, for some reason i haven’t figured out yet. Some say that certain minerals are better absorbed by the skin (eg magnesium) but i don’t know if i buy it. I think it’s part of the marketing plan, and that it’s really no different than plain old water (at least not that different to be worth the money). Anyone know more on minerals and their effect on skin?

    I think it would be quite easy to dupe it, and frankly there are hyaluronic acid solutions available from diy suppliers that can be added in cosmetics or used as is (at a fraction of the cost).

    I know Marie has been playing with hyaluronic acid, so i’m quite curious to see what she’s come up with.


    This is so interesting to me. I have long used filtered rain water to refresh my wavy hair, which I hold leaves it softer, curlier and healthier. I have no idea why (my auntie told me rain water was ‘softer’ then municipally supplied water and that made your hair ‘prettier’), but I swear it works.

    Now I want to add some HA, glycerin and a bit of other things to the rain water I collect and see what happens to my skin.

    I wonder what a dash of trace minerals would do? Colloidal silver solution, perhaps… I know topical silver aids in healing and tissue regeneration from personal experience in the wound clinic setting.

    [Insert Dr. Horrible’s Happy Laughing Face]


    I would say the “miracle ingredient” is the HA, but I’m cynical like that.


    I forgot all about this. I got a sample of it a while back and did a side by side with my latest version of simple HA serum (HA in aloe juice and a drop of preservative) on each half my face. I only got a few days from the sample of vichy, but it didn’t seem ANY different than the serum I made.

    I have been experimenting with trace minerals and colloidal silver in my face masks, and it seems like my skin seems, IDK, brighter? Thing is I’m putting what I’m learning here and through other sites/courses to use as well so it’s hard to pin point exactly what it making my skin feel better.


    Ok so, UPDATE!

    I ponied up for a bottle of the Vichy cuz I had a coupon and points at Walgreens, and have been doing the right half of my face with HA 1% solution and Vichy on the left for about two weeks once per day. (As Vichy claims 24 hours of activity)

    Today I asked several people who see me daily if they noticed any ‘difference’ in the two sides of my face. Nearly EVERY person told me the RIGHT side (1% HA) was ‘better, ‘smoother’ or ‘softer’ or something positive VS the Vichy side. The Mister commented my left side (Vichy) looked ‘shiny’ and ‘sticky’.

    Couple that with the EWWWWWWW feeling of the Vichy. It feels like…cheap lube. It’s sticky, slimy and it dries to a tacky feel. It feels GROSS all day long and feels slimy when I take it off.

    If I wear foundation, either DIY or store bought, over the top it pills up and flakes over the course of the day. It lessens with blending with facial lotion, but not much. I feel like I look very icky and OLDER at the end of the day. (I am not ready to look like what I thought 40 looked like when I was 20, thank you!)

    Color me unimpressed.

    I did get some trace mineral drops to play with, so I may try to add those to my next HA batch, but for now I’m a simple HA solution fan all the way.

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