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    I have oodles of lip balms from the history of Humblebee waiting around for me to use or give to friends, so when I got the book, it was the last thing I looked at. I’m totally accustomed to lip color (and all make up) just falling off of me, that I didn’t mind that my colored lip balms didn’t last. So when I did sit down and read the lips section of the book I got *so* excited. I’ve mixed up three colors of the long-wearing lip color. Two of them I melted down and added more pigment to. So far it doesn’t last as long as others apparently can get, but it lasts longer than anything I’ve ever used before.

    Isn’t that wild? The other make up lasts longer than anything I’ve purchased. Mostly I’m doing this because I have side eye at some of the estrogen-mimicking ingredients (even in LUSH) in cosmetics, and because I’m cheap. I did NOT expect that I’d be making things that are less expensive, more safe per EWG, AND work better. Holy buckets!


    Awesome! This kind of feedback makes me grin like an idiot 😃 If you’re looking for crazy long wear, the lip paint is where it’s at—that stuff is da bomb 😉


    Oh I so wish I knew how to post pictures here! The bottom of my purse the other day. There were thirty-two various lippy’s in there. It was bonkers!

    Yup, one of my favourite lipsticks from the blog is Black Plum. That stuff is still my favourite! And was actually my first foray into blush! I’m 36, and I just discovered blush. And makeup.

    That colour does last forever! I’m trying to make a gloss to compliment it/mute the colours a week bit but haven’t gotten the shade quite right.

    I’ll get it! One day! The tiny humans have arrived!


    I am eyeballing the lip gloss. I love lip balm and I live it every day at work. I talk 10 hours a day, 4 days a week and yes, the lips will chap. My teammates have been recipients and they adore me. They’re already asking for more and they just got their Yule gifties.

    But lipgloss. Sigh. Colour, gloss, colour. Me. I dream of days like that. Soon. Soon. After I get my powder and foundation. But I keep eyeballing those awesome lip gloss tubes at TKB and I must have them. *sob*


    I’m dying to get cracking at the lip paint and stain. I love my aragon tinted balm and my various glosses but they just don’t stick around all day and I never think during my long non-stop days at work to go reapply my makeup. I’m only willing to do my makeup once per day so I need stuff that lasts. I almost broke down and bought some urban decay long wear lipstick my coworker has been raving about but then I got my book and I’m hoping that’s the solution.


    I’ll powder my nose, since I have oily skin, and reapply a lip product, but other than that, I’m a once a day girl too. Since I’m a stay at home mom, I don’t really get too cracked up about putting on a lot of makeup unless I’m actually going to go out and see people. School pick up doesn’t count.😜


    Lol, I feel that way about wirk, Belinda. Its just work. 😎Makeup and I have a fast and loose relationship. Lol

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