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    I’m looking for alternatives to Red, Yellow and Brown Iron Oxides for use in lipsticks. To give context: I’ve worn commercial lipsticks for years but 2 years ago I used a good quality, fragrance-free, commercial lipstick and didn’t notice that it was damaging to my skin until it was too late. Since then I haven’t been able to wear commercial lipsticks at all. I’ve had several attempts at making lipsticks and soon found out that I cannot now use castor oil or candelilla wax on my lips. I found Marie’s Red Coral Lipstick recipe but have swopped the avocado oil for oat oil which is more soothing for me. However any lipstick I’ve made has never been entirely comfortable so I’ve recently done some patch testing by making up pots of lipstick base with one colourant per pot. The results are that I’m fine with Carmine and Red Lake 7 which is good except I’m better with orange-red rather than blue-red colours. However, the other pigments (Red, Yellow and Brown Iron Oxides) are irritating to me hence the search for alternatives – but I only need them for lipsticks as I can use the original pigments successfully in mineral makeup.

    I’ve just found Marie’s Red Velvet Lipstick recipe but all the red clays I can find contain ferrous oxide so I don’t think I can use those either :-(.

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