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    Well, the weekend finally arrived and got to make some fun stuff! I made the kiddies read the chapters in the book and we sat abouts talking about what was going to happen. We made it a little more sciencey discussing words like, “emulsify” and “contaminant” trying to keep little fingers out of the bowls.

    The kids are 8 and 10 and we made some lip chaps and lotions and even tried to colour a lippy blue!

    It was a really good and eventful day and was able to keep the kids attention for lotion making, and two lip gloss colourings. The got a little bored making some lip balms for their friends and left me to do the stirring. But they helped and were keen but after about four hours, they called it quits.

    In some weird strange, and for the very teeniest tiniest briefest barest moment of time, made me wish I had kids so I could teach them all this fun stuff!


    Sounds like a fun day for you and for the kiddos! I’m sure they’ll be talking about it to all their friends for months. And blue lippies! Fun!!


    Sounds like a fabulous day! A great day that will stay with them, especially the blue lippies. That’s the coolest.


    That’s a great activity! It can be fun, creative and educating, and you can customize it for smaller or bigger children and teens! Little ones can learn about mixing colours and scents and where every ingredient comes from and older teens can hopefully become interested in chemistry and math with emulsification, saponification, dilutions and percentages! I really wish my niece was a couple years older to try and make some of that stuff together!


    I live in China and my neice and nephew live in England. Since they were toddlers they have been on the web cam with me making soaps and lotions and more. My sister complains that I don’t live closer to them so they can do hands on.

    If you are wanting to work with your kids and do DIY stuff and teach them good habits for DIY’ing, melt and pour is the way to go. I know lots of soaping friends of mine with toddler aged kids making melt and pour. They get the stool out, and put the mold into a deeper dish to protect from spillage, but the kids can add their own glitter, a surprise, colour and such to their little hearts content. And teaches them about colour combos and measurements.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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