Making beeswaxcloths with the use of rasin

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    Hi again!

    Do any of you know how to use rasin? I would love to blend it in with an wax-oil-mix.

    I made a dupe of these beeswraps before, I made it with beeswax and jojobaoil. I just heated the cloth on an oventray in the oven and went smeering the melted wax/oil on while it was still on the heated tray, until it was saturated. I followed this recipe it’s in dutch, but has pictures. 😉 And hey, how simple can it be, right?

    I love it, but my cloth does feel less stiff than the original and also feels ‘fatty’. Im guessing I added too little beeswax (im thinking i was low on beeswax maybe, didn’t logg enough in those days yet)

    I now want to try to make one with rasin, as the original has it and i have some myrrh rasin laying around, while no idea why i bought it in first place several years ago. I now have a little oil & rasin ABM on the stove, but it doesn’t melt. Any idea anyone? Dissolve in alcohol? Heating straight in the pan?

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