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    Good morning!

    One of my lady supplier got herself a new shop, and is trying to get me to use Olivem1000 as it is “natural” (I have such major issues with this word!) and much more expensive than the other ewaxes I buy. She claims the results are better, the product made from it is better feeling, I am going to guess she means there is a more cushiony feel to the product on the skin.

    Has anyone worked with it? Do you think it is a better ewax? Is it worth it?


    First of all, THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one who went a little nuts when someone called something “natural”. I now only use that word in quotes.

    Regarding the Olivem 1000, I THINK that may be the emulsifier that Susan says she can’t get to work for her at all. She has lotion fails every time with it. If Susan can’t get it to work, I have no hope for myself! Haha!


    Barb, just saw on LisaLise’s blog where she uses Olivem 1000 and glyceryl stearate SE. Another woman who follows LL said that Olivem 1000 is also her favorite emulsifier. Attaching comment.

    LL Olivem 1000


    Isn’t Olivem 1000 the flake version for lotions and Oil in water lotions? It’s one that has to be melted and used at certain percentages and certain ph, if I remember.

    Here’s info from the company itself- https://www.hallstar.com/product/olivem-1000/

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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